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This was my first real woodshop. The actual shop was 20' x 20', though as you can tell from the photos, it was pretty crowded, with some machines spilling out of the main shop and into the rest of the building, occupying space originally planned for cars.

Most of the equipment was on wheels so I could move each piece around when necessary.

Substantially all the tools were connected to a Ecogate central dust collection control system that had blast gates which opened automatically at the tool currently being used.

Tool Chest
Storage Cabinets
Work Bench

Delta Unisaw
Outfeed Table
Dust Collection

Delta Unisaw
Excalibur Blade Guard

Delta Oscillating Sander
Porter-Cable Pocket
Hole Cutter
Makita 1211 Sliding
Compound Miter Saw
Cocobolo Wood On Wall

Dewalt 12-1/2" Planer
Station and Tables

Delta Oscillating Sander
Porter-Cable Pocket
Hole Cutter
Makita 1211 Miter Saw

Delta Unisaw Outfeed Table
Table Saw Dust Collection
Dust Collection

Small Worktable

My Dad's Workbench
Roll-Around Clamp Rack
Jet Mortise Machine

Powermatic Lathe

Jet 6" Jointer
Pegboard Storage
Dust Collection

Small Parts Storage
Jet Dust Filter
Benchdog Router Table

Delta 8" Grinder
Jet Drill Press
Delta 14" Bandsaw